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Hi its me again Olpmcc,

At the beginning of the school year, I wrote a paragraph blog post about how I felt about wearing masks. Recently I wrote another paragraph blog post about Minecraft being included in the school curriculum. I know I wrote a better paragraph on the Minecraft subject because I put more effort into transition words, introduction and concluding sentence unlike my initial paragraph on masks. I also enjoyed writing the Minecraft paragraph more because its interesting to write about. Since the mask paragraph was written earlier in the year my writing skills have improved.

Minecraft paragraph


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Minecraft paragraph

Hi, its me again Olpmcc 


Minecraft should be involved in teaching because it will inspire kids to learn in a funner way.Firstly, it will motivate kids to learn online because it’s not boring. For example in regular school you are expected to do all of your work so you basically just want to get it done fast so you can do what you want.When playing minecraft you won’t be rushing to be done you would take your time because you’re doing it in a fun way.Secondly, the music is calming and nice to hear. The music makes you feel relaxed. When you are relaxed you can do your work easier than when you’re stressed. When your mind is relaxed it can focus on what you need to do. Unlike when you’re stressed it will be harder to do things.Lastly, Minecraft is used for education. For example the potion making is close to science because you get to learn all about the items that you are using. For example the night vision potion is made from. Nether wart,golden carrot and blaze powder. The way students would get smarter is by learning all about the materials they used. 

In conclusion Minecraft should be involved in teaching because it is fun and inspiring.

The french verb faire!!

Hey its Olpmcc,

Last week in french class weve been learning the frenchs verbs including avoir,etre,aller and faire   im only going to tell you about avoir

here is the conjugated version of avoir

je j’ai

tu as

il/elle a

nous avont                         

vous avez

ils/elles ont

if this was helpful let me know

this should also help you for studying for a test/quiz

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hey it’s Olpmcc,

And today I will be talking about Bloxburg. Bloxburg is a game in Roblox this game does cost some robux. Bloxburg costs 25 robux and you only need to pay for it once then you don’t need to pay for it again.

What is there to do in Bloxburg?

There are many things to do in Bloxburg, for example you can build a house, or role play with some friends or just random people that also play. You can work to make money, or just buy money with some robux.

How to play bloxburg?

When you first start you will be given a starter house which you can choose to sell for money or keep it. There will also be this guy outside your house. He will tell you what there is to do in Bloxburg and some other things you might wonder.


There are some things called streaks for example when you play for 7 days straight, You will be rewarded with 10,000 dollars in game the highest streak you get money for is 30 days straight and you will be rewarded 75,000.

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hi its me again OLPMCC

Today i’m going to be telling you about my hobbies!

My hobbies are reading any comic book, as long if there not super hero ones

I also like to dance and tumble. The types of dances I do are free style and ballet. Tumbling is like gymnastics but more fun and more flips.

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I have mixed feelings about masks. Because they are good for some reasons and bad for others. For example while they fight covid 19. We have to wash them every week. They can get very hot, wet and dirty. But they can also be very fashionable. In the winter they keep your face warm. They fog up glasses then you can’t see. And in school we wear them all day. And it gets annoying when you need to breathe fresh air but you can’t because we need to wear masks. Thank you for reading this paragraph.