For innovation day we were assigned to make a project/game about electricity. We needed to make a slides presentation about what we did. And a game. While building the game getting the wires connected to the buzzer to make a noise when getting the metal to hit the wire was difficult. But once we got the buzzer hooked up we could decorate. The decorating part was definitely the easiest part. Once we were finished we recorded the game explaining how to play the game. Here are the videos.

Creative writing


Hi, I’m Maddie. I’m 13 years old. And this summer is going to be so much fun! I hope…  I glanced at the clock checking the time, it was 10:15pm and I had summer camp tomorrow. I had to get to bed.. (the next morning) Okay so I kinda slept in and I can tell by  my mom yelling at me to get up. So I quickly ran downstairs and ate my breakfast and ran out the door to meet up with my best friend Alice. She was already there waiting for me at the corner of my street while we were walking to where the summer camp was. We were talking about how we wanted little sisters. By the time we got there the rest of the kids were getting ready to go inside. So Alice and I ran as fast as we could to make it in on time.  

As we entered the camp, I couldn’t help but notice all of the kids entering with their parents. I wondered what their home lives looked like. Did their parents fight?  By the way, my parents are divorced. Camp provides me with an opportunity to get away. And have fun with other people besides my mom and Alice of course. We were playing dodgeball and my team won! Alice and I were getting ready along with everyone else for the pool. It was about 10 minutes till everyone was done getting changed. When we got to the pool it was empty ok well not empty but there was barely anyone in the pool there was 3 kids playing marco polo and a game of volleyball. By the time we all made it back to get changed there was 25 minutes left of camp before I had to walk home. So everyone got changed as fast as possible  and then we packed up and went outside to wait for our parents to come get us. Alice told the counselors that we needed to go so they let us go. On our way back we ran home as fast as we could. When I went inside my house my mom called me into the living room.  She told me she’s been seeing someone and they were getting married in a month.  I looked at her in shock and then she asked what I wanted for dinner. I said pizza then I went up to my room and called Alice and told her everything she was just as surprised as i was. (A few days later) my mom and i went shopping for my dress. It was so pretty it was a soft pink dress with little flowers on the bottom of the  dress.  My mom’s wedding dress was a very nice silky white with a big puffy skirt and her bouquet had nice pink flowers the same color as my dress. (the day of the wedding) when the big day finally came my mom was a WREAK she wouldn’t eat or drink anything cause she was so nervous. So she took a coffee on the way to the venue. Her wedding had a beachy theme. While I was looking around while walking down the aisle I noticed that there was a chair for my dad! Why would my dad have a chair? They are divorced! His chair was empty the whole time so he didn’t come..  I wasn’t sure I was happy that my dad didn’t come. It would have been nice to see him.. After they kissed we went inside for food. I saw Alice in line so I ran up to her. We hugged for a bit then filled our plates with food and sat down. After we ate we saw everyone on the dance floor so we went and joined. When it was time for the couples dance I looked at my mom’s face and this was the happiest she’s been in years. After the wedding I went home with Alice while my mom and step dad were on their honeymoon. (A few days later) when my mom came home she sat me down and told me she was adopting a little girl. And that she would come home with her tomorrow. I was so excited! (the next day) When I came home from school there was a little girl with blond hair and green eyes sitting on the couch watching tv. I walked up and said hi and the girl ignored me. I said my name was Maddie and asked what her name was. The little girl said her name was Abby. I left and went to see what my mom was doing. My mom was setting up Abby’s room. Maddie watches as her mom sets up the room for Abby. After a bit Maddie said hi. Her mom looked at Maddie and asked her to go get Abby to show her her room. So I went and called Abby upstairs when she saw her room. She liked it. So I went to my room and she followed me. I noticed her so I told her to come sit on my bed. And she rolled off the bed and started crying. My mom rushed in and asked Abby what happened. Abby told my mom that I HIT her! My mom looked at me and told me to say sorry. I explained that I didn’t hit her and that she fell off the bed. My mom yelled at me and told me to apologize or I would be grounded. A few minutes later my step dad called us for dinner and I asked to take my plate upstairs. Both my parents looked at me and said no. So I sat down and ate as I was eating. I noticed that Abby was sticking her tongue out at me. And so of course I did the same back to her. That’s when she told on me. My mom told me to go to my room for the night. I called Alice and told her everything. We ended up talking till about 9:45pm so I told her I was tired and hung up. (the next morning) as I was walking to school with Abby she told me that she didn’t like me and that she would get me kicked out. After I dropped her off at her class I went to mine and sat down. (after school) I got Abby and we walked home. She went to watch tv as i was doing my homework i told her to turn it down and she just stuck her tongue out at me. (a few hours later) my mom said it was time for dinner.. After we ate Abby went to bed and I went to my room. (the same thing happened over and over) I was sick of this so I packed all my stuff up and left. As I was walking down the street I realised that my wish ruined my life!  TO BE CONTINUED…

Jewish Studies Reflection

In Jewish studies we were learning all about bar/bat mitzvah, tefillin and tallit. I found bar/bat mitzvah very interesting. bar/bat mitzvah are where a girl turns twelve and a boy turns thirteen once they have their bar/bat mitzvah they will have all of adult’s responsibilities and rights. A tefillin is two boxes with leather straps attached to them males will put on the tefillin every day except for shabbat and holidays. A tallit is a prayer shawl that males wear everyday, The tallit is normally made of wool or silk.

Exhilarating Reading


For English we were assigned a project where we got to choose a book and make an artifact about it. I chose to do a board game. For the board game we had to make a game that goes along with the book we picked. The book I picked is called From The Desk Of Zoe Washington. This book is about a girl’s journey to get on a baking show but instead the story turns out to be about the main character trying to get her dad out of jail. I chose my artifact  to be a board game because it goes well with my book as one will see throughout the book the main character goes on an adventure to prove her dad’s innocence. I chose to include Zoe making her own recipe and getting her dad out of jail as my elements. 



Game board

2 decks of cards

Playing money

Game pieces 

2 dice 


How to play:

  1. Place game on a flat surface
  2. Pick a banker 
  3. Put money in separate piles 
  4. Shuffle game cards and place on designated spot
  5. Pick you characters 



Your goal is to make it around the board twice. Once every player has made it count your money, the person with the most money will be crowned the winner. The way to get money is to land on money squares or by cards you are also able to lose money so be careful. 



 You will roll the dice and move that many spaces on the board, there will be squares where you may move forward or move back a few spaces. There are also cupcakes and law scales. If you land on the cupcake you take a bake sale card if you land on the law scales you take the law card. When everyone makes it around the board twice the person with the most money wins. 



The cupcake square you take a baking sale card if you land on the law scale square you take a law card. Read the card and do what the card says, some will give you money and some will take money away.


Here’s a picture of the game 

Creative Writing

For English we had to do creative writing were we had to pick a topic to write about. I chose the ninja school except instead of doing a ninja school I chose to do a story about a old school that has myths that kids and teachers have been going missing.


                                  The story of the unknown school

              Hi, I’m Alexa. I’m going into 8th grade tomorrow. All  my friends changed  to an old high school instead of a well known school so I changed at the  last second. And this school was in the middle of nowhere so our parents were not allowed to drive us or pick us up. Because many have gone missing and my friends and  I decided to try it out this year although many kids have gone missing there… as well as the teachers… I glanced at the clock checking the time it was 8:45pm and school was tomorrow I had to get to bed.

(the next morning)

I looked at my clock and saw that it was around 7am and school started in 1 hour and 45 min. I got dressed and headed down stairs and saw my mom making my lunch and my dad watching football. My parents saw me and said good morning. I smiled and said good morning back. I ate my breakfast and put my stuff into my bag. I kissed my parents on the cheek and headed out the door. I met my friends at the bus stop. We were still waiting for Alyssa to come. As we were getting on the bus Alyssa came on and sat in front of me. I said hello but she just ignored me. As we got to school I realized Alyssa never ignores me, She’s my best friend. As I was walking to class I saw the cafeteria and the library… Then I finally saw my English class so I opened the door and walked in. Mrs. A  said we could pick our seats.. But as I looked around I noticed that all the desks were full except for the one in front of the teachers desk. The first class was just learning about the teacher. As the bell rang every one left. But what Mrs. A  told me was crazy. Alexa can you come here please.. I went over to her.. She said that she would protect me no matter what. Which I found really weird. I walked to my last class before break. It was drama class so I was pretty excited. I knew Alyssa, Maya and Alison were in this class with me. The teacher walked in shortly after I did. She said we were going to be doing a get to know each other game. I was first up so I said my name and my favourite colour blue. Then she called people to go next after she called everyone she said we could all leave. As we were walking the bell rang. The hallways filled up with kids. I met my friends outside just like I thought Alyssa was still not talking to me. Then she said her teacher said something really weird to her.. It was the same thing my teacher told me! Then everyone was talking about how their teachers said the same thing. Then the bell rang and we all went to class. But no teacher or students were there so we sat down and talked when the teacher walked in. She said her name was Mrs. K but we could call her Katie. She said she was our dance teacher. And that we would be starting with a jazz class until we got some more boys to join us. But that’s when 3 boys walked in, 1 in the front and 2 following him in. They all sat down. The teacher said we needed 1 more boy to join. And just like that another boy walked in talk about perfect timing. So Mrs. K partnered us up 1 boy 1 girl. I got this guy named Alexander. Alyssa got a guy named Max, Maya got a guy named John, Alison got a guy who wouldn’t say his name so we called him the mysterious guy. Mrs. K said the first dance style we would learn was Cha Cha. Then the bell rang. It was lunch now so we all walked to the cafeteria. Alyssa went to get food from the lunch staff. Maya, Alison and I brought our own food from home. As we were eating Alyssa asked a very weird question about why people keep going missing. After we finished, the last bell rang. It was the last class of the day, which was English. Then 2 people broke into the door and said we want the girl near the teacher to go go go!  Mrs. A stood up and said no please not her!   

To be continued…   

Truth and Reconciliation

This week was truth and reconciliation week to remember the indigenous people in Canada and how many went to these schools that were run by churches. The students were taken away from their families and sent to these schools to forget who they are. When you get there they would take your clothes, cut your hair and make you take a shower then change into a uniform. These students would only see their family twice a year. And if they talked to the other gender they would get abused or starved many died from this and not many survived the schools started in 1883 till 1996 the last school to close was in Saskatchewan in 1996. Our school should start teaching more about indigenous traditions and culture. Reconciliation means to fix broken relationships.

public speaking!

hi its me again Olpmcc,

This year for public speaking i wrote about why… Candy is bad for the body

Do you like candy well I do! And  I’m going to tell you all about why it’s not good for you. Welcome students, teachers, judges and guests! If you know me then you know that I love to eat sweets like cakes, cookies, and candy. Basically anything with sugar, I would dip candy in honey and roll it in sugar if I could. However we all know that eating too much sugar is bad for you because it may cause a variety of health problems such as cavities, diabetes and heart disease.

Too much Candy can cause cavities. Now you may be wondering what even are cavities? Well cavities are decayed areas of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. There are 3 types of cavities: smooth cavities,root cavities & pit cavities. Cavities cause pain and pain is not a friend so if you don’t want any cavities then don’t eat too much candy, or if you can’t stop, like me, then brush your teeth very well!

Eating too much SUGAR can cause Diabetes, now some of you may or may not know what diabetes is. Diabetes is the condition in which the body does not properly process food for use as energy. Some of the food we eat is turned into glucose, or sugar for our bodies to use for sports and stuff like that. The organ that uses the sugar is called a pancreas, it lies near the stomach and makes a hormone called insulin to help glucose get into the cells of our bodies when our sugar levels are to high or to low the insulin works to hard and if the pancreas breaks no you can not get it replaced its gone for LIFE.

Sugar is one of the many causes of heart disease, Heart disease is a condition that affects the structure of the heart. Most people think of heart disease as one condition. But for a fact, heart disease is a group of conditions with many different root causes and sugar is just one of them so unless u want heart disease try not to eat too much BAD sugar. Bad sugar is found in candy, but good sugar is found in fruit. 

In conclusion  candy is not good for the body because it can lead to cavities, Diabetes & heart disease. Cavities as we know are painful and can lead to bigger infections. Too much sugar can affect your pancreas, causing diabetes just a reminder your pancreas is not replaceable. Candy does not only damage your pancreas, it can lead to heart disease. Now i want you to think about do you want any of these so the next time you open some candy think to yourself do i want diabetes, heart disease & cavities a little candy won’t hurt but a lot can which leads to all of these and more thank you for reading!


Innovation day!


Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog about Renewable energy. For my innovation day project I studied solar panels (the other option was wind turbines) but I chose solar panels because they can be big or small and some of them can be really cheep. I think solar energy is a environmentally friendly way of getting energy by collecting the sun’s strong rays and converting them into energy. A solar panel is made out of silicon, there are 2 types of silicone type n and type p. Positive charge and negative charge the tiny flow of light are called protons shooting out of the sun as soon as electrons are collected they flow through an external circuit before running through an aluminium sheet on the back of the device you want to work. And that is how you get solar energy.

Before COVID 19 we were able to travel to places such as Florida,mexico and more but ever since COVID we’ve been stuck in our houses. You would have to not wear masks or social distance. One of the hardest things about the lock down for our families is that we are not able to travel and not able to have friends indoors. We think for families that are less fortunate than us would have trouble making money and paying taxes and bills. The positives for some people was that some people got pools or pets and/or a device for online learning.

We are going to make an obstacle playground with an obstacle course and the lights are powered by solar panels.


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Thanks for listining/reading!!