I have mixed feelings about masks. Because they are good for some reasons and bad for others. For example while they fight covid 19. We have to wash them every week. They can get very hot, wet and dirty. But they can also be very fashionable. In the winter they keep your face warm. They fog up glasses then you can’t see. And in school we wear them all day. And it gets annoying when you need to breathe fresh air but you can’t because we need to wear masks. Thank you for reading this paragraph.

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  1. Dear OLPMCC
    I love your mask paragraph.
    I agree with you intirerly.
    My mask fogs up my glasses like crazy
    I have to wash mine twise a week because I get mine super dirty

    1. Dear Monip

      It is so annoying when your glasses fog up, cause then you can’t see a thing. It must be nice to get clean masks every day. Mine always smell so bad when I put them on.


  2. dear, OLPMCC

    i have mixed feelings about mask’s to.

    i don’t like covid🦠 but the only way to protect you is to wear a mask

    from: MiaL

  3. Hi Olpmcc,

    I liked reading about your mixed feelings on masks. Have you gotten used to wearing masks after being at school for nine weeks? My class has done a great job of wearing their masks all day. I do make sure they get fresh air during outdoor playtime each day. Masks can be very fashionable. Do you have any fashionable masks?

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Mrs. Bennett

  4. As a fellow glasses-wearer, I really find the surgical masks (the disposable blue ones) are WAY better for fogging than any of the others that I have tried…and they STILL fog up every now and again. I think it is reasonable that NO ONE enjoys wearing their mask, but we do so because it is the best way to keep people safe while still being able to out in the world, in school, etc. Keep on blogging!


  5. Hey Olpmcc,
    I do agree with you. masks are hot and they are also very annoying because some times you buy a mask and they are too big. Yes they so fog up your glasses.

    So I agree with you, masks are really annoying!


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