hi its me again OLPMCC

Today i’m going to be telling you about my hobbies!

My hobbies are reading any comic book, as long if there not super hero ones

I also like to dance and tumble. The types of dances I do are free style and ballet. Tumbling is like gymnastics but more fun and more flips.

Thank you for reading have a good day!!

4 thoughts on “hobbies”

  1. Hi Olpmcc,

    I like learning about your hobbies. Which comic books do you enjoy reading? I used to read Archie comic books when I was your age. My kids loved reading them too! How long have you been taking ballet lessons? Is ballet more difficult than freestyle? I just like dancing around in my house.
    Enjoy your hobbies!
    Mrs. Bennett

    1. Hi Mrs. Bennett,

      The comic books i like reading are Drama,Smile,Sisters,baby sitters club,Dog man and Big Nate. Iv been taking ballet since i was about 5
      then i stopped till last year. Ballet is way harder than free style especially when you get better. Then you have to dance on your toes.

  2. Dear OLPMCC.
    Are the letters a secret code that has anything to do with your name? I love that you are shared your hobbies. Tumbling sounds like so much fun. My daughter loved gymnastics and also tumbling. She did acro dance one year and it was about tumbling and gymnastic tricks. It was fun to watch. You must be very flexible. Do you have a trampoline? I know my daughter loved to practice her moves on our trampoline.
    Mrs. Reichstein

    1. Dear Mrs. Reichstein

      Yes the name is a code of my name. It is my name I use on the internet. I do not have a trampoline but I wish I did. But I do have a pool that you can practice your hand stands in with out getting hurt.


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