Creative Writing

For English we had to do creative writing were we had to pick a topic to write about. I chose the ninja school except instead of doing a ninja school I chose to do a story about a old school that has myths that kids and teachers have been going missing.


                                  The story of the unknown school

              Hi, I’m Alexa. I’m going into 8th grade tomorrow. All  my friends changed  to an old high school instead of a well known school so I changed at the  last second. And this school was in the middle of nowhere so our parents were not allowed to drive us or pick us up. Because many have gone missing and my friends and  I decided to try it out this year although many kids have gone missing there… as well as the teachers… I glanced at the clock checking the time it was 8:45pm and school was tomorrow I had to get to bed.

(the next morning)

I looked at my clock and saw that it was around 7am and school started in 1 hour and 45 min. I got dressed and headed down stairs and saw my mom making my lunch and my dad watching football. My parents saw me and said good morning. I smiled and said good morning back. I ate my breakfast and put my stuff into my bag. I kissed my parents on the cheek and headed out the door. I met my friends at the bus stop. We were still waiting for Alyssa to come. As we were getting on the bus Alyssa came on and sat in front of me. I said hello but she just ignored me. As we got to school I realized Alyssa never ignores me, She’s my best friend. As I was walking to class I saw the cafeteria and the library… Then I finally saw my English class so I opened the door and walked in. Mrs. A  said we could pick our seats.. But as I looked around I noticed that all the desks were full except for the one in front of the teachers desk. The first class was just learning about the teacher. As the bell rang every one left. But what Mrs. A  told me was crazy. Alexa can you come here please.. I went over to her.. She said that she would protect me no matter what. Which I found really weird. I walked to my last class before break. It was drama class so I was pretty excited. I knew Alyssa, Maya and Alison were in this class with me. The teacher walked in shortly after I did. She said we were going to be doing a get to know each other game. I was first up so I said my name and my favourite colour blue. Then she called people to go next after she called everyone she said we could all leave. As we were walking the bell rang. The hallways filled up with kids. I met my friends outside just like I thought Alyssa was still not talking to me. Then she said her teacher said something really weird to her.. It was the same thing my teacher told me! Then everyone was talking about how their teachers said the same thing. Then the bell rang and we all went to class. But no teacher or students were there so we sat down and talked when the teacher walked in. She said her name was Mrs. K but we could call her Katie. She said she was our dance teacher. And that we would be starting with a jazz class until we got some more boys to join us. But that’s when 3 boys walked in, 1 in the front and 2 following him in. They all sat down. The teacher said we needed 1 more boy to join. And just like that another boy walked in talk about perfect timing. So Mrs. K partnered us up 1 boy 1 girl. I got this guy named Alexander. Alyssa got a guy named Max, Maya got a guy named John, Alison got a guy who wouldn’t say his name so we called him the mysterious guy. Mrs. K said the first dance style we would learn was Cha Cha. Then the bell rang. It was lunch now so we all walked to the cafeteria. Alyssa went to get food from the lunch staff. Maya, Alison and I brought our own food from home. As we were eating Alyssa asked a very weird question about why people keep going missing. After we finished, the last bell rang. It was the last class of the day, which was English. Then 2 people broke into the door and said we want the girl near the teacher to go go go!  Mrs. A stood up and said no please not her!   

To be continued…