Innovation day!


Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog about Renewable energy. For my innovation day project I studied solar panels (the other option was wind turbines) but I chose solar panels because they can be big or small and some of them can be really cheep. I think solar energy is a environmentally friendly way of getting energy by collecting the sun’s strong rays and converting them into energy. A solar panel is made out of silicon, there are 2 types of silicone type n and type p. Positive charge and negative charge the tiny flow of light are called protons shooting out of the sun as soon as electrons are collected they flow through an external circuit before running through an aluminium sheet on the back of the device you want to work. And that is how you get solar energy.

Before COVID 19 we were able to travel to places such as Florida,mexico and more but ever since COVID we’ve been stuck in our houses. You would have to not wear masks or social distance. One of the hardest things about the lock down for our families is that we are not able to travel and not able to have friends indoors. We think for families that are less fortunate than us would have trouble making money and paying taxes and bills. The positives for some people was that some people got pools or pets and/or a device for online learning.

We are going to make an obstacle playground with an obstacle course and the lights are powered by solar panels.


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Matter project report

Hi its me again Olpmcc,

A month or two ago I did a matter project on Plastic Pollution. What I had to do was research about my topic on two different websites then find one on my own. The websites i used was kiddle and 2 more. When I was done my research I filled out my media text I chose to make a slide show for grades 4 and higher. When I was done that I presented it to my class.

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