Minecraft paragraph

Hi, its me again Olpmcc 


Minecraft should be involved in teaching because it will inspire kids to learn in a funner way.Firstly, it will motivate kids to learn online because it’s not boring. For example in regular school you are expected to do all of your work so you basically just want to get it done fast so you can do what you want.When playing minecraft you won’t be rushing to be done you would take your time because you’re doing it in a fun way.Secondly, the music is calming and nice to hear. The music makes you feel relaxed. When you are relaxed you can do your work easier than when you’re stressed. When your mind is relaxed it can focus on what you need to do. Unlike when you’re stressed it will be harder to do things.Lastly, Minecraft is used for education. For example the potion making is close to science because you get to learn all about the items that you are using. For example the night vision potion is made from. Nether wart,golden carrot and blaze powder. The way students would get smarter is by learning all about the materials they used. 

In conclusion Minecraft should be involved in teaching because it is fun and inspiring.

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